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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I view my proofs online?

Once we determine what you are looking for and the process is rolling we will start building your site and we will post the drafts of the site on our website so that you can view it, and if necessary, tell us what to add or change. We will contact you via phone or email when this is ready and will supply you with your password. Just go to our site and click onto the client login button that is on the bottom of any page and type in your password. You will then be taken to a page where you can view your proofs.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the process of saving the files that make up your website on a computer that is always connected to the internet (a server) so that your site is constatly viewable to others. This is often referred to as buying "server space" as your files take up space on the server. For more info also see what makes up a website.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the "address" of your site: www.yourname.com. Domains are categories of these names. Domains include the popular .com (commercial), .net, and .org as well as many others. Government domains end in .gov and military domains end in .mil. You can purchase any of the public domain names on a first-come first-serve basis. Many names are already taken, so we must first check for availibility of the name you would like.

What makes up a website?

Basically, a website is a number of files (web design) that are on a computer (server) that is always connected to the internet (web hosting) and people can find access this by typing in your address (domain name).

All the files that make up your site (pictures, text, links, animation) and how it works are designed by us. This is the web design. Then these are stored on a server and connected to the internet by a web hosting company. To directly access your site you are given a specific web address, kind of like a vanity license plate, your domain name. All three phases are included in the price of our packages.

How do I setup my new domain email?
We will do it for you. We can also show you how to access your web hosting control panel where you can add or delete email names. It is a very simple user-friendly process that we can walk you through.

What is Flash animation?
Flash is an type of interactive programming that is the most common method of creating animation today. We can create a nice animated introduction to your site complete, with animated text and optional music.

How can I update my site? 
See below.
Can I change my site in the future?
Absolutley. Unlike other companies we are very liberal about changes and additions in the future and can discuss the plan that you need in advance. We can offer updates as part of your package upfront so you won't need to worry about getting hit with prices later when you need things added or changed. In unexpected cases, nominal fees will be associated with each update or we can show you how to do some simple updates yourself. our site is dependent on frequently updated information we will address this in the planning phase of your site. If you choose you can even have another designer or someone you know handle this--we give you all the passwords and access to your site upon completion of the project--no need to worry about the designer hijacking your website!

Can I change or add emails?
Yes you can change or add your emails as long as you have your web hosting. Each one of our packages has a different amount of emails that are included (from 5 to over 50). Your email is anything-you-want@yourdomain.com. We will provide you with documentation on accessing your web control panel and how to change your email names there. It is a relatively simple, user-friendly process.

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