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Professional design for affordable prices. Simply the lowest prices for front-end design on Long Island, NY, period. Look around and compare!

Our hands-on approach allows you to get exactly what you want as the creative process is more intimate and exact.

Our connections in the field allow us to efficiently and affordably out-source any additional solutions or options that you may need.
About Long Island Digital
Web and graphic design has always been a field of inflated prices. Traditional agencies run high overhead and pass the cost to the client, when all that was really needed was someone with the time, tools, and talent to create their project.

Working in the field for years we realized that we can provide an excellent product without the overhead thus creating a "win-win" situation. We don't have secretaries or fancy offices, but we use the same time, tools, and talent to create professional design at affordable prices!

Philip T. Szulc Primary Consultant
Szulc gained desktop publishing and web design experience in the early 90s running the L.I.U./CW Post college newspaper, and then creating webpages as the World Wide Web was just becoming popular. Over the years Szulc honed his desktop publishing and design skills working in the field, including as a graphic designer for a pharmaceutical company, and running and producing a Gold Coast weekly newspaper.

John Passaro Technical Consultant
Passaro graduated Hofstra University at the timely start of the Generation D explosion with a degree in computer technology and has years experience in IT of several major advertising companies, as well as specialization in system troubleshooting.

Michael J. Zontini Sales and Marketing Consultant
Zontini, also a Hofstra graduate, has a background in business but like most Generation X-ers-turned Generation Digital, ended up dealing with the Internet. Zontini has worked as a sales manager specializing with broadband and Internet applications, working his way up through telcom companies including Cable & Wireless and MCI/Worldcom, and gaining a keen insight to Internet solutions.

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affordable & professional no longer clash! Simply the lowest prices for front-end design on Long Island, NY, and the world wide web. Graphic design, imaging, animation, content editing, scanning, web hosting and more.

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